The project, centred on seven distinct buildings, creates a public space that stimulates movement through the area, carried over from adjacent areas. A mix of shops, cafés, and restaurants, alongside residential apartments and modern office spaces, the Harbour Square project meets the need for office, retail, and living spaces in the popular downtown Reykjavík area.

Number of buildings: 7
Total size: 24,200 m2
Number of apartments: 70
Service and retail: 9,160 m2
Office space: 6,800 m2
Parking: Below ground, connecting to Harpa
Project completion: Estimated in 2018

The Harbour Square complex will include 70 luxurious apartments of various sizes: stylish studios and panoramic penthouses, to name a few. The well-thought-out interiors are a mark of how well the project is executed, and the state-of-the-art appliances, quality fittings and fixtures, and the convenient location close to culture, history, and commerce, mean that property owners will be immersed in Reykjavík with a luxurious twist, on the doorstep of true Icelandic spirit.

The Icelandic Parliament House, the Cabinet, the Central Bank of Iceland and most of the ministries are located in the center of Reykjavík. Every day of the year there are live music events. From the Iceland´s Symphony Orchestra to solo artists, everyone should find a music event that they like.

Reykjavík center is loaded with stories in the form of sculptures that can be found all around the city. The National Gallery of Iceland and Reykjavik Art museum is within walking distance as well as a number of other galleries and museums. The city center is characterized by architecture from the era of Rögnvaldur Ágúst Ólafsson, who design the glamor buildings by the pond, to the modern architecture of Ólafur Elíasson – Harpa. Glorious churches, Grjóta þorpið, Einar Jónsson Art Museum and numerous other magnificent buildings are on every footsteps.

What’s better than sitting on the balcony at home and watching events at the Cultural Night, 17th of June festivals and more. On all corners there are exciting shops. From world-renowned brands such as Gucci to Icelandic design of all kinds.

The pond in Reykjavík, Hljómskálagarðurinn, Austurvöllur and more outdoor places are all places that offer world-class restaurants and lively cafés within walking distance. At the harbor in Reykjavik there is always much excitement where you can whale watching, see fishing or just enjoy the scenery.

One of the largest facilities management companies in Iceland, Reginn, has already bought all ground floor retail spaces. Reginn currently manages Iceland’s largest shopping centre, Smáralind, and their confidence in being able to lease out commercial spaces to attract brands means that the Harbour Square area already promises to become one of Iceland’s premium retail areas with a strong international pull.

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