What Iceland has to offer

Between Iceland’s natural wonders, unique landscapes and being one of the safest countries in the world, there is no wonder why many people around the world want to live here. Not only are there an amazing views of mountains, glaciers and volcanoes in almost every direction, but also the ability to enjoy all of the modern luxuries and comforts of life with the breath-taking view.

A Welcoming Society

Icelandic society is welcoming, open and above all safe. With very love crime rates and a stable political environment, both tourists and the Icelandic people can feel safe and comfortable in the Icelandic environment. The country is so safe in fact, that there are no armed forces and the police are unarmed. Iceland is a peaceful, family-friendly country and all are welcome. Most Icelandic people know English and multiple other languages, and there is a nation-wide effort to promote Iceland and all of the hallmark natural wonders.

An Investment with Perks

According to Statistics Iceland, real estate market value has been rising steadily for the past decade, which is reflected both in property value and the fact that real estate owners make up over 60% of the market. In downtown Reykjavík, real estate is in high demand, and units in 101 Reykjavík, the capital’s center, are historically among the most valuable properties in Iceland. The trend over the past five years indicates that market value will continue to rise while predicted annual growth in Iceland is about 3% per annum.

With the real estate near the capital and travel accommodations around the country being in record demand, owning a conveniently located pied-á-terre apartments can easily become attractive options for high-end travelers looking for premium places and luxurious comforts. Also, having your own place in Iceland means you can come for a spur-of-the-moment visit to a place that already feels like home, with all the modern comforts you have come to expect.

Natural Beauty

Look in any direction and you many find one of Iceland’s beautiful sights. Between active volcanoes, glaciers, geysirs, natural hot springs, black sand beaches and the amazing highlands, there is natural beauty in any direction you choose. The nature and environment in Iceland is a dream for those who enjoy outdoor activities and seeing earth’s creative landscape. Both the summer and winter seasons offer the Icelandic people and tourists an amazing experience to connect with and appreciate the natural environment around them.

Ease of Travel

With the increase of tourism in Iceland over the last decade, a record number of airlines now fly in and out of Iceland’s Keflavík International Airport.  Now there are many affordable direct flights to cities all over Europe and America, with many of the flights being as short as three to four hours. There are also amazing deals with some airlines for including Iceland as both a long term destination and a stopover destination. With more and more travelers choosing to spend time in Iceland, the country and capital city is adapting to cater to different tastes, requirements, and interests, while emphasizing the hospitality for which Icelanders are known.

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